Welcome to "The Product Coddiwompler"! Together, we are coddiwompling to discover better ways of building incredible products. As a small business owner, I am dedicated to helping you succeed by offering coaching, mentoring, and training in agile ways.

I am proud to be the owner of the largest Scrum group with over 140,000 members, which I have built up over the past decade. Additionally, I am a licensed professional Scrum trainer with scrum.org and have consulted with some of the biggest companies in Australia.

My mission is to help people break through the world of agile misinformation and snake oil consultancies that often lead to product and business failure. I believe in providing practical guidance and tools to help you navigate the agile landscape successfully.

Let's engage and learn together! Join our community of product builders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to share knowledge and experiences.

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I am on a mission to help people succeed with agile, even if that destination is vague - a coddiwompler. How can I help you succeed?